Oakgem Opens Its Doors in Mizner Park, Ready to Buy


Oakgem is the newest jewelry store in town, and they’re ready to buy pieces from people’s private collections.

Based in Pennsylvania, the family-owned business got its start in 1983 and jumped on the internet boom selling pieces online in 1998. Now, they have their first brick and mortar store in Mizner Park, which opened in January.

Inside, customers will find a curated collection of high-end jewelry from the likes of David Webb and Buccellati, thanks to owner Vadim Krivitsky’s two decades of experience conducting buying events for high-end stores like Bailey Banks & Biddle, Neiman Marcus and Tourneau.

Private sale is what Oakgem is interested in, and with the new store, they’re eager for those who love and appreciate fine jewelry to come sell their pieces, or even trade or purchase from their collection.

“Oakgem is a company that deals with not just private individuals, but people in trade, attorneys, people who settle estates, and being in business for such a long time, we specialize in period jewelry,” he says. “It gives us an edge. We participate in major antique fairs and we sell globally.”

So if you have a piece (or two) that you’re looking to sell or trade with, Krivitsky has tips to make sure you have the smoothest experience.

Why sell your jewelry?

Jewelry is a tangible asset, but if it’s just sitting in your jewelry box, it’s a non-performing asset. In fact, it can be a liability and costs money for you to have it insured on your homeowner’s policy. People come to Oakgem to sell their pieces that they don’t use anymore. It can have a significant monetary value that can be turned into something else.

Also, people’s style changes over time. Those who closely follow trends may not want to wear a dated piece of jewelry the same way they wouldn’t wear a dated dress. Customers will sell a piece of jewelry they no longer wear, don’t like anymore, and even buy something new. At Oakgem, there’s a large collection available for trade.

Finally, people often inherit jewelry they may not always want. A piece may not hold sentimental value to them and they would rather trade it in for money, or split a piece among family members for equal shares.

What to know before you sell

Before selling a piece of jewelry, do your due diligence. Educate yourself on what your piece is worth before going into a store. Visit the websites of reputable auction houses to get an idea of what your jewelry is selling for. Remember that unless you have a rare piece, items tend to depreciate in value.

Finally, research the company online and read the reviews from other customers. Some companies don’t handle certain pieces and they’ll try and resell it, meaning they’re not going to pay top dollar like they claim. Oakgem has a large inventory of jewelry and years of experience, leading to customers getting the best value for their jewelry. The size of a company’s jewelry inventory is a good indicator of their qualifications.

“We are legitimate buyers,” Krivitsky says. “We want to buy jewelry, we know what to pay for items, and we’re willing to pay a higher price than anybody else.”

Oakgem, 316 Plaza Real, Boca Raton; 877/355-9500; oakgem.com


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