Odd Jobs


There is a service for just about anything in and around Boca. The following 13 business will take care of customers in ways you may have never imagined.

Personal eBay Auctioning
The business: Just Sell It
Owner: Lisa Feldman
The lowdown: We’ve all heard stories of people making big bucks from selling their old stuff on eBay, but doing so requires people to be their own copywriter, salesman and shipping department. For those who don’t have the time or aren’t familiar with the rules of eBay (yes, there are rules), hiring someone to do the job makes a lot of sense.

“Once I was trying to sell these 1950s cap guns, which are toys, and eBay removed the listing” because they weren’t pictured with the red caps to show they were safe, says Feldman, who has been selling items on eBay for others for nearly 10 years. Her Weston-based business takes the hassle out of eBay sales by picking up items (from your home), photographing them, listing them, shipping them to the winning bidder—and sending clients a check for their portion of the sale (sans her commission).

“I specialize in selling previously owned and new high-end designer fashion, shoes and handbags such as Chanel and Christian Louboutin,” she says. However, Feldman has had the opportunity to sell other interesting pieces, such as a personal letter from President Harry Truman and a collection of University of Miami NCAA championship football rings, which sold for $10,000. “A lot of stuff is just wasted,” Feldman says. “This makes people happy by simplifying their lives and giving them extra money, and it gives someone else an opportunity to enjoy something that another person is finished with.”

Contact: 954/295-5418, justsellit.com.