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On a Roll: Two Palm Beach County Sushi Spots to Check Out

If you focused only on aesthetics with takeout orders, sushi would win every time: the perfect rolls of multiple, colorful ingredients, the attention to detail with small mounds of pickled ginger and wasabi, the occasional purple orchid (it’s edible!) lending elegance.

Add in the fact that it’s uber-fresh and healthful, and it’s the perfect takeout meal. That includes vegetarians, because vegetable sushi tastes as good as it looks, too.

We are lucky to have very good Japanese restaurants scattered throughout the county. Sushi Jo is a small chain with venues in Boynton Beach, Lake Clarke Shores, West Palm Beach and Juno Beach. Traditional sushi and tasty daily combo specials are what makes some diners rabid fans.

The chirashi dish ($28), a large assortment of sashimi (fish sliced into thin pieces) over white rice, included salmon, tuna, whitefish and eel plus tamago (cooked egg) and masago (fish eggs). The Spider Roll ($16) had soft shell crab, avocado, masago, scallions, sesame seeds and rice rolled in nori (seaweed), with eel sauce on top. It’s a crunchy, savory roll with a bit of sweetness from the sauce.

SUSHI JO, 640 E. Ocean Ave., Suite 4, Boynton Beach; 561/737-0606;

Ganzo Sushi in Delray Beach has sushi, sashimi and other Asian dishes (Thai, ramen, Mongolian) and adds some interesting elements to otherwise traditional dishes. The chirachi here ($24) is in the poke menu, with the sashimi cut into cubes (tuna, salmon, whitefish, shrimp) plus avocado, ikura (salmon roe) and seaweed salad. The Over the Moon sushi roll ($15) comes with three sauces ranging from soy to sweet to slight heat, made with shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, scallions, eel, masago and sesame seeds, topped with tuna and tempura flakes. It’s an inside/out roll, meaning the nori is inside and the rice and fish are on the outside.

The hot and sour soup ($5) had bamboo shoots, tofu, chicken, mushrooms, eggs and scallions and wasn’t crazy-spicy, just a very good comfort food where the contrast of tastes was perfect. It’s chicken soup for the Japanese soul. The wok-charred edamame was also a total taste sensation, cooked with truffle butter garlic, which hit all the umami taste senses.

GANZO SUSHI, 14811 Delray Marketplace, Suite 106, Delray Beach; 561/501-33446;

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Lynn Kalber
Lynn Kalber was raised in Boca Raton and has always worked in Palm Beach and Broward counties. She is a career journalist, with 26 years at The Palm Beach Post alone, where she wrote feature and food articles, edited the food section and wrote about wine as part of the Swirl Girls.

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