I Love A Parade: Easter Bonnet Pet Parade Is Back in Delray April 7

I met Sandra Dezelan when we wrote about her and her animal rescue, Dezzy’s Second Chance, in the magazine. She would pop by the office now and then when she was picking up donations from our neighbors at Holistic Pet Cuisine, and I followed her and her rescue on Facebook, like everyone else.

When I first adopted my dog Barney, a handsome terrier of unknown provenance, from another rescue, I asked her to stop and see him. He gave her his tragic poet look, his big brown eyes melting with empathy. She took one look and told me he was a “dog of a lifetime,” politely overlooking the fact that I had told her he was riddled with separation anxiety, peed every three minutes, and had already taken out two large window screens. Maybe she saw what I saw: a dog of a lifetime, in spite of all that.

Against all professional advice, I decided next to adopt another dog to help Barney with his anxiety. And that’s when I saw Little Bentley wearing a powder-blue harness in a small crate on Sandy’s Facebook post. He had just arrived at her shelter and I took one look and messaged her that I was very interested. Bentley was a rose-gold Yorkie-and-something-else mix and Barney and I met him a week later with Sandy at the Delray GreenMarket.

And that was that.

It’s been a few years now and Barney and Bentley are fast friends, and my best buds. They are always up for a walk, are exceptionally good at cuddling, and take their jobs as home security experts very seriously. They have both been to training, but backslid almost immediately; I’d have to start over now. They do not retrieve, play frisbee, roll over, find Timmy in the well, or do anything remotely useful.

But they are dogs of a lifetime.

Which is why I agreed to be a judge at Sandy’s Easter Bonnet Pet Parade on April 7 at 11 a.m. It’s on a Sunday at Old School Square, and the $5 entry fee to participate in the parade benefits Sandy’s rescue operation. Registration is at 10:15 a.m., and there will be photo ops with Tullula the mini pony as well as other fun.

Without people like Sandy, I would not have Barney and Bentley in my corner. I do not like to think what would have happened to either of them had they not been rescued—and I think the same about me. So come on out and celebrate pets, Easter, silliness and unconditional love.

And bring your dog of a lifetime.