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Playlist: My 2023 Fantasy Music Festival

Music festival season is officially upon us. Okeechobee wrapped last weekend, Ultra is two weeks away, and Sunfest announced the artists for its May shindig a couple of weeks ago. Tortuga is but a month away on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

None of them feel geared to my taste, however, so I decided to create my own fantasy festival—as music geeks are wont to do—on this nifty website called Festival Poster Generator, and this is what I came up with up:

I did give myself some restrictions: I did not select bands that are broken up or retired from touring, or artists who are, you know … dead. But otherwise, anything goes, which is why contemporary jazz artists oddly share a stage with folk-rock icons and indie rockers past and present.

Of course, in practicality, a festival like this wouldn’t work: Bands I love would constantly be playing against each other, resulting in paralyzing FOMO and negating the intention altogether. But in my fantasy, I’m also cloning myself to be at all stages at once.

The following playlist features a track a piece from every artist at my imaginary festival. So if any actual festival promoters are reading this … I’m available for consultation. Let’s make at least a part of this happen, shall we?

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John Thomason
John Thomason
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