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Polaroid Fotobar to open in Town Center

Memorialize your images with this Boca-based photo printing service.

**Disclaimer: Since the Boca store is currently being prepped for its grand opening, the photos accompanying this blog post are from the Orlando store. Store setup is similar. Here’s our sneak peek of the store on Instagram.


Where does your favorite photo reside? It’s the question that Polaroid Fotobarfounders asked people constantly. Most responded by pulling out their phones.

It’s the sad reality that we now encounter since the boom of digital photography. Photos are captured through cell phone cameras, shared on social media sites, then forever lost in the avalanche of images uploaded onto the Internet daily.

But Boca-based Polaroid Fotobar is changing that. The company is opening its fourth location in Town Center at Boca Raton tomorrow, Jan. 24 at 10 a.m. (The three others are located in Delray Beach, Miami and Orlando). Join the mall in welcoming its newest addition, a rapidly growing local company you should keep your eye on.

Fotobar functions on the philosophy that we are all photographers – no, really, the phrase is printed on the back wall of every store. The company physically memorializes those fleeting moments you’ve chosen to document, in your choice of size and material.

Do you want six Polaroid-type prints in a shadow box? Or your image on a 9-by-11-inch wood mount? The possibilities are endless, and prices start at only $1.

With 90 percent of the store’s products offered instantly, you can walk into the store empty-handed and walk out with one, seven, thirty or even more of your photos printed and ready to be put on display. There are also antique Polaroid cameras on display, and more modern versions for sale.

The store is set up with a double-sided photo bar equipped with computers that encourages customer interaction. The first step is to create a Fotomail account, where you can save all your photos for printing.

At the photo bar, you can upload photos through your smart phone, through social media sites or with your camera memory card – and if you need help, trained photo vendors can walk you through the process and get you what you need. You can also email your images to your account while you’re out and about, so your photos are automatically ready for the ordering process.

If you can’t make it into the store, online ordering is also available. And with the manufacturing headquarters located in Boca, you won’t be waiting long for your photos to arrive. All orders ship out in three business days.

Polaroid Fotobar is scheduled to open its flagship store in Las Vegas in March and another store in Coconut Point in Estero early this year. The flagship store will include the first Polaroid Museum. To be a founding member of  or to help raise money for the museum, click here.

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