Proper Ice Cream Coming To Boca, and the Mai-Kai Goes Up for Sale

Proper Ice Cream Boca, photo by John Thomason

Proper Ice Cream coming to Park Place in Boca

If a storefront sign and email address for new employees is to be believed, then Proper Ice Cream is opening a third location, this time in Boca’s Park Place along Military Trail.

It would be fitting to see a location in the same setting as Prezzo’s, and the ice cream already available in multiple restaurants along with the two Delray Beach shops.

This ice cream company, with a combination of fresh-ingredients and unusual flavors, is welcome wherever it chooses to open. No opening date is set yet, but it should be this year!

Then you can slurp up ice cream flavors like Blueberry Muffin, Glazed Donut, Fresh Ginger, Backyard Mint Chip, Strawberry and Banana Soft Serve, and more. Pretty much anything we can lay our ice cream-crazed hands on will be delicious. 

You can also find Proper Ice Cream at Bedner’s Fresh Markets, Buccan, Imoto, Benny’s on the Beach, Joseph’s Classic Market, Max’s Grille, Burt & Max’s, Deck 84, Hog Snappers, The Wine Room, Driftwood, Flybird, Taru at the Sundy House, Lionfish and Viva La Playa. Owner Rick Felberbaum opened his first Proper Ice Cream shop in May 2018, in Delray Beach.

Proper Ice Cream, 1445 N. Congress Ave., #4, Delray Beach; 561/359-3420

Proper Ice Cream East, 75 SE 4th Ave., Delray Beach; 561/455-4463

Iconic Mai-Kai being sold

As a youngster growing up in Boca, a trip to the Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale was a very special event. It meant we got to watch male dancers twirl fire batons, and see women dance the hula, plus sit in a place decorated more like a grotto than a restaurant. This was a local attraction that happened to serve good food, too. 

For 64 years, the Mai-Kai was a “special event” place to go, with enormous tiki drinks served in ceramic glasses that you could take home. The Mai Tais and Rum Runners tasted terrific in the tropical garden setting.

But the Mai-Kai was damaged by flooding and pipe damage last October, and now it’s all up for sale: the land, the Molokai Bar, the gift shop and the shadows of drums beating as the hula dancers performed. In 2014, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places, so there should be a bunch of building restrictions for the new owners, too. There are certainly millions of memories in those bamboo walls.

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