Put Some Sparkle in Your Day with Prosecco


Especially these days, it’s a mistake to wait to celebrate anything. We need to celebrate everything! That’s where prosecco comes in.

For celebrating sunrises, there’s a Sunshine Spritz. For down time during the day, when you’re binge watching something on Netflix, there’s the Aperol Spritz. And with dinner, an Arancia Spritz (see recipes below). I’m not advocating drinking prosecco all day and all night, but I do want you to think outside the sparkling wine box. 

Recently, I was part of a Zoom meeting with the CEO of Freixenet Mionetto USA, Enore Ceola. He spoke to writers about his company’s prosecco, which also happens to be the bottle I usually buy. But I’d only tried one of the Mionetto proseccos, and the company sent the writers four bottles to taste: Brut (my go-to), Rose, Organic and Cartizze. 

Prosecco has become extremely popular in the U.S. in the past five years, due in large part to Mionetto’s advertising efforts. Years ago, Ceola originally landed in NYC with bottles of Mionetto that he took from place to place to convince bartenders that it was different from Champagne, which is made from chardonnay grapes. Prosecco, made from Glera grapes, is very fruit forward, with high acidity and is meant to be drunk quickly after bottling. It’s not something you stick in your wine cellar.

“It’s Champagne in blue jeans,” says Ceola. “Drink it in any (kind of) glass you want, any way you want.”

Brut, he says, is the “textbook prosecco” and isn’t too sweet or too dry, so pleases most palates. 

The organic Mionetto is a beautiful yellow color, with notes of pineapple and Ceola recommends serving it with oysters, salmon, figs. This was developed after a suggestion from Whole Foods, which was one of the first chains to carry the brand. 

The Cartizze is “our jewel,” says Ceola, “we only produce about 4,000 cases per year.” It’s perfect for seafood or delicate dishes, or fruit salad, he says. You’ll find a light apple nose and a fairly soft, though dry, palate.  

The rosé extra dry – which is not a prosecco — is a lovely salmon color, with tastes of grapefruit and pomegranate, and would be great with seafood. Breaking prosecco news: Mionetto is aiming to produce the first prosecco rosé by Valentine’s Day 2021. 

Mionetto bottles prosecco to order, so their product is fresh. It’s has relatively low alcohol (around 11 percent) and few calories. 

Some prosecco tips: 

  • You measure prosecco by the bubbles. The more bubbles, the better the prosecco. You should see fine and persistent bubbles. 
  • Use a wider-mouth glass for prosecco than you do for Champagne. A white wine glass means the bubbles can be better enjoyed.
  • In the Brut and Rose, look for splits (also called minis) if you don’t want to open a regular-sized bottle. The split sizes will give you two glasses of bubbly.

From Mionetto:

Spritz Recipes

It’s easy as 1 (Pour 3 ounces of prosecco or rose into a glass of ice, 2 (Stir in two ounces of your preferred liquor or mixer), 3 (Top off with one ounce of liquor or mixer and finish with a garnish). 

1) Mionetto Aperol Spritz 

Mionetto Brut DOC, Aperol, Soda Water, & Orange Slice. Pair with day drinking. 

2) Mionetto Elderflower Spritz

Mionetto Brut DOC, St-Germain Liqueur, Soda Water, & Lemon Wheel. Pair with appetizers. 

3) Mionetto Sunshine Spritz

Mionetto Brut DOC, Orange Juice, Campari, & Orange Slice. Pair with breakfast. 

4) Mionetto Arancia Spritz 

Mionetto Brut DOC, San Pellegrino Aranciata, Campari, & Orange Slice. Pair with dinner. 

5) Mionetto Limone Spritz 

Mionetto Brut DOC, Soda Water, Limoncello, & Lemon Peel. Pair as an apéritif. 

6) Mionetto Rosso Spritz 

Mionetto Brut DOC, Cranberry Juice, Pimms, & Squeeze of Lemon / Cucumber Slice. Pair with brunch. 

7) Mionetto Paradiso Spritz 

Mionetto Brut DOC, Galliano Autentico, Pinapple Juice, Mint Spring, & Pineapple Slice. Pair with lunch. 

8) Mionetto Rosa Amara Spritz 

Mionetto Sparkling Rosé, Sparkling Water, Campari, & Grapefruit Peel. Pair with late nights.

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