Friday, February 3, 2023

Publisher’s Pick: Piñon Grill

Dining at Piñon Grill is always a treat. Lunch or dinner, the ambience is lovely. It’s contemporary yet warm.

Tables set up around banquettes encourage lively conversation and offer a modicum of privacy. The owners taste in Western art is not overdone and pleasantly engaging. The cuisine has a Southwestern flavor that’s not too spicy but always fresh and interesting for the adventurous palate.

The wood-grilled artichokes are delicious, as is the acorn squash soup with morsels of chicken and topped with fresh avocado and homemade tortilla strips. The fresh ahi tuna burger is also a different but fun twist on a popular fish.

At five o’clock, sidle up to the restaurant’s showstopper of a long bar for a great drink. The piñon tree, a low pine indigenous to the Southwest, is present in art form. Don’t miss it—or the grill named after it.

Tucked away in the back of Town Center in the Terrace, it’s open for lunch—my favorite time to go. Call in the evening for reservations.

Piñon Grill is located at 6000 Glades Road, Suite 1390. For more information, call 561/391-7770.

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