Pumpkin Spice Latte Returns at Starbucks … But There’s Another Surprise

Feeding the pumpkin whipped cream. Photo by Allison Lewis

It’s the day we’ve all (ok, many of us) been waiting for: the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks. At least in South Florida. It’s complicated, but here’s what we know so far:

The announcement was made via Facebook Live. A guy in orange plaid and a large cowboy hat added elements to a barnyard scene every few minutes: a “Gourd Morning” sign, a plant, a nest, a clock, an orange box and a beautiful pumpkin.

Starbucks Live PSL release. Photo by Allison Lewis
Starbucks Live PSL release screengrab.

Then, he took an orange mug with the numbers “756” out of the orange box. Of course, this update began a slew of theories: you need to say “756” to get a PSL, a “756” is an upside down PSL, it’s a PSL frappe.

The orange "756" mug. Photo by Allison Lewis
The orange “756” mug.

Then the ranch hand began feeding the pumpkin whipped cream. This felt really bizarre. And confusing.

Feeding the pumpkin whipped cream. Photo by Allison Lewis
Feeding the pumpkin whipped cream. User Maggie Sharp has a good point.

But the video isn’t over. Next, there’s a sign about pumpkins enjoying cereal milk.

Photo by Allison Lewis
Reading the updated sign.

And then another sign…

Photo by Allison Lewis
Waiting for Eastern Mountain Pumpkin Time.

And here’s where we are in the saga right now: waiting for the pumpkin to hatch. Or something.

Waiting for the pumpkin to hatch. Photo by Allison Lewis
And now we wait.

As everyone watching tried to figure this out, I’d already had my first PSL of the season, thanks to its early release in South Florida. The Boynton Beach Starbucks had the chalkboard sign updated. However, the Worth Avenue Starbucks didn’t—apparently, you have to “ask to receive.” But hey, not every store is the same, right? (And now you know you have to ask.)

Photo by Allison Lewis
Photo by Allison Lewis

Cheers to the return of fall’s favorite drink.