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Q&A with Four Local Mother-Daughter Dynamic Business Duos

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, these dynamic local mother-daughter duos go beyond the familial relationship. They work together and make it work! In honor of this very special holiday, I chatted with four stylish and inspiring powerhouse pairs about their businesses, finding balance, and important life lessons. 

Carolina Carlucci (mother) and Clarissa Carlucci (daughter)

Carolina and Clarissa Carlucci

Whats it like working together?  

There’s nothing better than working with your best friend every day on something that is so special.

Have you discovered something about one another from working together?

We love Italy even more than we could have ever imagined. We love to travel there together to get inspiration for our product lines (and enjoy the food & Prosecco while we’re at it, of course). 

How do you balance the roles of mother-daughter and as colleagues? 

We have similar working styles, so being business partners has been easy for us. We combined our fashion, marketing and entrepreneurial backgrounds to design the line together and look forward to continuing to expand our Italian lifestyle brand. 

Clarissa, what is the best life advice your mom has given you?

Build a life centered around what you love and are passionate about, and the rest will fall into place. 

IG: @carinacompany

Olive Belcher (mother) and Brittany Belcher (daughter)
The Olive Belcher Team, Lang Realty 

Olive and Brittany Belcher

Whats it like working together?  

It’s fun, challenging, and ultimately very rewarding. Our compatibility as a team largely stems from sharing the same strong work ethic and a deep trust in each other’s reliability, which is crucial in our line of work. This synergy is greatly beneficial not just to us but also to our clients.

Have you learned something new about one another from working together?  

Olive: Brittany’s adeptness with social media and technology has not only advanced our processes, but has elevated our customer service to exceptional levels.

Brittany: I’ve learned invaluable lessons in perseverance and the intricate art of negotiation. Her relentless tenacity and her skill in listening deeply to our clients’ needs have profoundly influenced my approach.

How do you balance the roles of mother-daughter and as colleagues? 

We make a clear distinction between work and family time. We prioritize our family moments, recognizing that these times are crucial for maintaining our bond outside of work. To ensure we enjoy quality time together as a family, we schedule regular activities that are strictly non-work related. Additionally, we respect each other’s personal space and needs by giving each other a designated day off. This approach helps us maintain a healthy work-life balance, allowing us to be fully present in our roles both at home and in the office.

Brittany, what is the best life advice your mom has given you?  

My mom has always emphasized the importance of finding balance as the cornerstone of not just a successful career but a fulfilling and happy life overall. She taught me that success isn’t solely about professional achievements but also about cultivating a well-rounded existence. This means making time for personal growth, relationships, and hobbies alongside work commitments. 

IG: @langrealty

Maribel Alvarez (mother) and Alexis TeStrake (daughter) 
Altima Caviar

Alexis TeStrake and Maribel Alvarez

Whats it like working together?

Maribel: It is a dream come true! As a mother, you often dream of sharing experiences that bring you closer to your adult children, creating shared interests and deeper bonds. It’s incredibly fulfilling to collaborate professionally and share a passion, and it’s rewarding to know your children will continue the legacy; not to mention witness firsthand what a phenomenal job you did raising another human. I joke, but it really is a privilege getting to witness firsthand the successful, capable person your child has become

Alexis: The first thing that comes to mind is exposure therapy! Just kidding—it’s amazing, meaningful, and special to work with the person you know the best and respect the most! 

Have you discovered something new about one another from working together?

Alexis: One aspect that has recently come to light is my mom’s willingness to follow direction—at least where Altima Caviar is concerned. She’s always been the most resourceful one in any room. She’s always moving at the speed of light. But what’s new and quite surprising to me is her openness to let others lead, even if it means slowing down. Despite a lifetime of being the one with the answers, she’s shown incredible wisdom in recognizing when someone else might be better suited for a particular challenge.

Maribel: I am incredibly impressed with Alexis’s ability to look at the big picture and “cope ahead,” preparing for future challenges. Witnessing her strategic thinking in action has not only been a wow moment for me but a significant asset to our collaboration.   

How do you balance the roles of mother-daughter and as colleagues? 

Alexis: The biggest challenge is not crossing the line when triggered, which is inevitable when working with family. Mom and I are both super emotive and emotional, so private conversations and venting sessions are an integral part of our process so that we can filter and share effectively and efficiently without making it uncomfortable for others. 

Maribel: I agree entirely. I would also add my mantra, “Would I say it this way if it were anyone else?” I’ve noticed I’m less careful with my words when speaking to Alexis since that’s always been our dynamic. The one-on-one conversations are crucial for us because they give us a platform to filter discussions and ensure we are practical and clear in our communication. 

Alexis, what is the best life advice/lesson your mom has given you? 

Quality over quantity…Altima Caviar kind of exemplifies these words. I had not thought of that until just now!  

IG: @altimacaviar

Danielle Rosse (mother) and Kali Williams (daughter)
Oceans 234

Danielle Rosse and Kali Williams

What’s it like working together?

From the outset, we discovered how our strengths complement each other perfectly. [Kali’s] vibrant personality and exceptional interpersonal skills blend seamlessly with [Danielle’s] strategic thinking and analytical approach. Together, we strike a harmonious balance between vision and practicality, bringing forth innovative ideas and transforming them into reality, whether in the context of our restaurant and other business ventures or our everyday life.  

Have you discovered something new about one another from working together?

Kali: While I’ve always seen my mom as a paragon of grace and determination, I’ve come to realize that her social finesse runs deeper—it’s her innate talent for connecting people, matchmaking, finding opportunities to unite individuals with common goals. 

Danielle: Conversely, my daughter’s infectious optimism has been a constant source of inspiration. Each day, I’m astounded by her ability to positively influence those around her, driven by a genuine and profound care for everyone she encounters.

How do you balance the roles of mother-daughter and as colleagues? 

It is a delicate balance. We have many shared hobbies like golf and pickleball that we find time to fit in. We are also diligent about setting meetings outside of the restaurant, usually at our favorite local places like Casa Maya or Sticky Bun as our brainstorming venues. We make a concerted effort to carve dedicated time for non-work related discussions over great dinners. 

What is the best life advice or lesson your mom has given you? 

Our lives’ paths have instilled in both of us the ethos that nothing comes for free—you work hard for what you want. Whether it’s paying for a car or college, we understand the value of self-sufficiency. We also both understand the responsibility of giving back with purpose, whether it’s through time, energy, or money. It is truly a responsibility to support the community that supports you. We have a saying from our aunt: “Life’s short, party hard” and that reminds us to not take everything so seriously!

IG: @oceans_234

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Olivia Hollaus
Olivia Hollaus
Olivia Hollaus is the Founder and Creative Director of Protect My Shoes, a brand focused on creating stylish, sustainable, and practical shoe care products. She loves fashion, design, and all things fabulous, so she’s always on the lookout for what’s new and unique. Aside from running her own business, Olivia is the proud mom of two boys who keep her on her toes. Follow her on Instagram at @oliviahollaus and @protectmyshoes

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