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Q&A with the owner of Evelyn & Arthur

Adrianne Weissman says her goal isn’t to be trendy – which is surprising, considering she owns eight women’s fashion boutiques in Florida and an online store that’s shipped clothing as far as England.

Instead, her stores strive to be “modern but not edgy, stylish but not faddish.”

It’s the philosophy that works for her, and the philosophy that worked for her parents, who started the Evelyn & Arthur boutiques in 1985.

“We don’t want to be a one-hit wonder,” she says. “You don’t want people to say, ‘Oh, it’s going to last two months and then I’m going to be bored with it.’”

Products sold at the stores are a combination of outside labels and privately manufactured pieces. But regardless of their source, Weissman concentrates on finding items that focus on fit, comfort and fabric.

Her attention to these features paid off when, Lisette L pants, one of the products she brought into the store, caught national attention this summer. TODAY Show host Hoda Kotb featured it on air as one of her favorite things (video below), raving about how comfortable they were and how well they fit.

And while the mention brought an influx of customers to the Evelyn & Arthur website, Weissman notes that superior customer service and loyal customers are a big part of how what makes her stores.

“We love our customers,” she says. “They’ve been with us for many, many years, and we just take care of them.”

Check out Evelyn & Arthur in Boca at Recency Court (3011 Yamato Road) or Glades Plaza (2200 Glades Road, Suite 504), or visit the website at

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