The second floor of the department store was teeming with shoppers and fans, who had an opportunity to meet Roy and Petroni. Attendees also were able to enter a raffle to win special surfboards, signed by both women.

DJ Jessica provided music, while models rotated the latest RACHEL Rachel Roy collection on a small podium. Roy’s RACHEL collection is a line of contemporary sportswear, shoes and jewelry sold exclusively at Macy’s.

The warm, fashion-forward women took some time out from the event to speak with Boca Raton Magazine. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

BRM: How did you first learn about, and come in contact with, each other?

PETRONI: In an alley.

(Petroni and Roy both laugh.)

ROY: I watched the movie The Cove and [Petroni] is in it and I was thoroughly impressed with her. I grew up in Monterey Bay, which is a surf community, and so that is something that has innately been in me, but I have a huge fear of the water. Here is a chick that is beautiful, and strong, and mastered her art in something I had a fear of, and meanwhile I needed to look for a new artist to work with because every season of my Macy’s collection I work with an artist, so that is how I was introduced to her– through her work with dolphins.

BRM: How did the design process work? Karina, had you ever collaborated on a clothing or accessories project before?

PETRONI: The process was amazing. I think it has been over a year now. It was so cool from the get-go and so much fun to be able to hang out in New York City with all these amazing, independent women who know fashion inside and out, and me, you know, coming in like the vagabond gypsy.

ROY: That’s not true! Don’t even believe that! We designed a whole collection around different cities that [Petroni] lived in, and we had so many styles…she was able to take a huge collection and edit it [down] to three.

BRM: What specifically about Karina did you want to showcase?

ROY: The fact she lives what she does. That [surfing is] not just a job. All of these things I want to bring to my Macy’s customers. Choose a career that you love. Live it. Believe in it. Whether you make a huge monetary salary from it or not…That’s what [Karina] brings to the table and usually, not always, but usually when you do that– God bless you, you do make money and you can make a living out of it.

BRM: Two of the shoes, the Subriya and Braydia, have already sold out on your website. Did you expect this overwhelming response?

PETRONI: Of course!

(Petroni and Roy laugh.)

ROY: We edited for the [shoes] we really wanted to wear…That’s how we did our designs: What do we want to wear? What do we feel good in? Why wouldn’t other women and other girls want to wear that clothing too? We are no different from them, we just represent them.

BRM: Rachel, I know you have collaborated with other artists for collections in the past, including the singer Estelle. How do you select who you collaborate with?

ROY: Estelle was my first [collaboration]. I picked Estelle, literally, because she was on the “worst dressed” list in like one of these weeklies and I loved what she was wearing. I thought that she had [guts], and well, I don’t know if she minded being on [the worst dressed list] or not, but that’s how I chose her. I thought she looked beautiful. I thought she took a risk with fashion…I wanted to meet that girl. And then I met her, and we bonded, and that’s how I got Estelle.

BRM: What is in the future for both of you separately?

PETRONI: For me, I’m embarking on numerous new projects that revolve around gratifying opportunities, similar to The Cove. I lived a life of competing for 11 years and competing is great…and I’m a very competitive person and thrive off of it, but at the same time I want to give back and share the joy it brought me for so many years.  Put a smile on somebody else’s face, and also bring awareness to situations on the planet that may be changing.

ROY: Honestly, working with [Petroni], she could have any business she wanted, if she wanted. She’s that strong of an individual. With me, [in the future] it’s just always about my connections of what’s new? What am I feeling? What do I want to wear and how can I give that to my customers in a new way?

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