Rare Goeldi’s Monkey Stolen from Palm Beach Zoo (UPDATE)

Kali (Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society)

UPDATE: The zoo announced Wednesday morning that Kali was found by West Palm Beach Police and returned to the zoo; they did not provide information on where she was.

The monkey suffers from inflammation and did not have her necessary medication while she was taken, but seems to be in good health. The keepers are looking forward to reuniting her with her enclosure mate, Quito, when she is fully recovered.

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society sent a media alert Tuesday morning that a rare Goeldi’s monkey was “likely stolen.”

The 12-year-old monkey, Kali, “requires a specialized diet and care,” according to Nancy Nill, the zoo’s associate curator of animal wellness, so time is of the essence for her to be returned.

Goeldi’s monkey

A zoo representative says that a keeper discovered the all-black, 1 pound monkey missing on Monday morning. The mesh on her enclosure was cut open, and a surveillance video showed a person walking along the perimeter of the enclosure. Staff determined it was an isolated incident.

Kali has lived at the zoo since September 2009 when she came to Florida from Milwaukee on a “breeding recommendation.” Goeldi’s monkeys originate from the Amazon region.

“This very small and rare monkey is increasingly sought after for the illegal pet trade,” says Margo McKnight, zoo president and CEO, in a press release. “We don’t buy and sell our animals. We work in collaboration with other Zoos to save species. ‘Kali’ and her well-being is priceless.”

Tips can be called in to Crime Stoppers at 800/ 458-TIPS, and there is a possible reward.