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Rebecca Minkoff’s Trunk Show

The elegant and serene Rebecca Minkoff personally greeted fans and shoppers at her trunk show on Friday, April 1.

The intimate event was held at Saks Fifth Avenue at Town Center. A DJ provided music for the event and guests were offered delicious appetizers and cocktails, as well as an opportunity to meet the famous fashionista.

On display were purses and bags from Minkoff’s luxurious spring line. On the American designer’s website though, a different set of clothing was being advertised., Minkoff’s online community, featured “The Unicorn Collection“– for April Fool’s Day laughs.

“We didn’t know what people were going to think of it,” Minkoff laughed.

The amusing prank featured purses, shoes and a purple leather jacket made with “genuine unicorn haircalf, spiral horn embellishments…and a touch of magic”.

(It is always refreshing to see a celebrity with a sense of humor.)

Minkoff has launched a not-so-silly campaign to help the relief effort in Japan. One hundred dollars from every red purse purchased is donated to the Red Cross to help provide medical care, food and shelter overseas.

“It’s been great,” Minkoff said. “[The campaign has] been picked up by so many blogs that I feel like more and more people know about it. People have been buying a lot, so we’re going to be able to give a healthy amount of money.”

Minkoff launched her first five-piece apparel line in 2001. Today Minkoff’s spring 2011 collection includes her signature handbags, gorgeous apparel, accessories and a new addition–shoes, which demand a different design process.

“It was very new,” Minkoff said. “It was very technical, more so than bags because you have to fit a foot! So that was interesting to kind of learn what was involved with that…We shipped our first delivery back in February and we’re sold out.”

Minkoff explained that she spends six months looking at a new collection before anyone else sees her work, and usually her most recent creation is her favorite.

“But I will say that for my collection line this is by far my favorite,” she said.

Minkoff also said that she draws inspiration from textures and color combinations.

“I really like to play and make use of my textures,” she said.

Her latest purse collection includes a lot of bold looks– from black, embellished envelope bags to brilliant blue, zippered slings.

Minkoff is already getting ready to start on next year’s spring 2012 line, which won’t be available in stores until January. The designer said she does her best work after a vacation.

“I take two, maybe three, small trips a year where I go out of the country to Paris or Italy or London and I kind of fill up with culture there,” she said. “I do a lot of vintage shopping while I’m there and I think usually when I get back from those trips I feel energized and filled with new ideas.”

Her favorite vacation was a trip to Turkey where she discarded her phone and watch.

“I went on this boat in Turkey and we sailed around the Turkish coast with six friends and that was by far [the best],” she said.

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