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Review: EaThai

There’s no shortage of places to grab Asian cuisine in South Florida—but there IS a shortage of places where you can get a meal as unique and delicious as you can at the newest Thai restaurant to hit the area, EaThai (1832 S. Federal Highway, Delray Beach, 561/270-3156). Restaurant owner, So, prides himself on serving “classical Thai cuisine with a modern ambiance to appeal to everyone from the Thai traditionalist to the first time Thai diner.” He wants every guest to leave feeling as though they’ve had a true Thai experience—and that was definitely the case after my recent dinner there.

There were so many dishes I have never seen on any other Thai menus. Of course, there’s your typical Pad Thai and Papaya Salad, but many of the other dishes were totally new to me. When you visit EaThai, have an open mind and give everything a try—you will not be disappointed! And be ready for a little heat—So likes it’s hot and spicy, so many of the dishes are going to leave your mouth on fire!

Start off with the “Horseshoe,” an interesting sweet treat that I almost would rather have for dessert, but it works well as an appetizer. A slice of tangerine is topped with caramelized peanuts, coconut and radish to make for one absolutely delicious bite. And yes, they’re basically small enough to eat the entire thing in one bite.

Pad Thai lovers needn’t leave without giving the Skinny Pad Thai a try. The dish is made with bean thread noodles instead of traditional rice noodles, a sriracha tamarind sauce and uses NO oil. I loved the flavors and the texture of the noodles. This is a dish I’d definitely go back for.

If you’re into things as hot and spicy as So is, opt for the Shrimp Thai Ceviche. Raw tiger shrimp is topped with a fresh chili-garlic puree. Since everything is made to order in the EaThai kitchen, you can definitely request to dial down the spice a bit, but for this dish in particular, the spice is part of its essence. I’d imagine that no matter how much they dial it down, it’s going to have a kick. The quinoa salad was also pretty spicy, but nowhere near as much as the ceviche. It was a beautiful, tasty dish made up of lime leaves, long beans, lemongrass, cucumbers, pomelo and bean sprouts.

Side dishes you must try: Thai Omelette and Sriracha Fried Rice. Yum! The portion sizes at EaThai are great for sharing, which is a good thing because you’re definitely going to want to try more than one dish! Grab some friends and get ready to experience Thai food unlike anywhere else.

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Shaina Wizov
Shaina Wizov
Shaina was born and raised in South Jersey; she graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in journalism and media studies. After moving to Boca, Shaina created her own food blog, which has only enhanced her passion for cooking, baking, sipping and savoring her way around South Florida. Shaina is involved in many of the region’s food and wine festivals and events. Follow Shaina’s foodie adventures every other Thursday at—and on her own blog, Take A Bite Out of Boca.

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