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Review: Six Tables

Once in a while, you stumble upon a restaurant that almost seems too good to be true. A restaurant that surprises, delights and engages you all in one night. A restaurant that serves as the ultimate dining experience in a setting unlike any other. A restaurant like this can only be named one thing—and that’s a “STaR.” Six Tables a Restaurant, to be exact. This gem of a restaurant is known to locals as simply Six Tables, and it has quite the exclusive reputation. Nestled inside a small strip mall in downtown Boca and overshadowed by its neighboring Mizner Park and Royal Palm Place, Six Tables is not only a diner’s dream, but a restauranteur’s dream as well.

It’s open three nights a week, for dinner only with a prix fixe menu, and it holds no more than six tables—hence the name. There’s one person in the kitchen: Chef Jon, one person to serve the tables: Max, and one woman to hold everything together: Chef’s wife, Deborah. The food is beautifully presented on vintage dishware, incredibly delicious and perfectly paired with wine if you so choose. This is not your average night out kind of place; this is the place for celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement or date night—or it’s the place for those who thrive on unique dining experiences.

Six Tables signature lobster bisque topped with micro green sorrel, and a chilled velouté topped with micro kale. This is a soup that Chef Jon makes by pureeing oven roasted vegetables without any cream, butter or flour—making it vegan-friendly! These soups could not be any more different, definitely at two polar opposites of the spectrum, but both were filled with flavor and absolutely delicious. The chilled soup was a nice light, refreshing contrast from the Lobster bisque, which is well known for its richness.

You must try the appetizer trio of Maryland-style crab cake with a fennel remoulade topped with micro arugula, smoked salmon bruschetta on toasted brioche topped with micro red cabbage, and seared Diver scallop with red vein sorrel. They were perfect bites, especially for a pescatarian like myself, and the crisp, fresh micro greens from Natural Nomad Farms added nice texture and flavor.

Dessert was a show-stopper. Like any great stage performance, the ending should bring you to your feet immediately with a thundering ovation. That’s how I felt about this last dish: a strawberry shortcake with chocolate mousse. The biscuit had the most amazing crumb texture, the mousse was light and fluffy and rich and decadent all at the same time, and the strawberries were bright and bursting with sweetness.

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Shaina Wizov
Shaina Wizov
Shaina was born and raised in South Jersey; she graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in journalism and media studies. After moving to Boca, Shaina created her own food blog, which has only enhanced her passion for cooking, baking, sipping and savoring her way around South Florida. Shaina is involved in many of the region’s food and wine festivals and events. Follow Shaina’s foodie adventures every other Thursday at—and on her own blog, Take A Bite Out of Boca.

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