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Review: Tom Segura at Hard Rock Live

Tom Segura knows how to make you uncomfortable. In fact, he seems to relish in doing so. But what is even more impressive than his ability to make a sold-out Hard Rock Live crowd squirm in their seats is his ability to swing the audience’s discomfort into uproarious laughter with a quick verbal jab. At his Hollywood stop Saturday night on his “I’m Coming Everywhere” world tour, Segura’s performance delivered blow after blow of lung-collapsing laughter in what just might be the comedian’s strongest hour of material yet.

Ten minutes after the show was set to start, Segura’s voice came booming over the speakers telling the crowd the show would start in another 10 minutes. “Go pee NOW,” he instructed, “grab your drinks, go to the bathroom, wash your ass, and get back to your seats.” The crowd laughed at the impromptu PSA and by the time opening act Josh Potter (a frequent guest on Segura and his wife Christina P’s podcast Your Mom’s House) came onstage, the audience had settled in for the performance as ushers made the rounds ensuring all were adhering to the strictly enforced no-phone policy.

Potter opened the show strong with a roughly 30-minute set which he performed with hilarious self-deprecating aplomb. Like Segura, Potter seemed to delight in digging himself into a hole with the audience and having to win them back over with a joke. You could feel the crowd begin to stiffen when he bemoaned all the luxuries afforded to those in wheelchairs, and you could feel that tension break into laughter when he revealed his plan for overcoming his own partial blindness disability when dating. Potter was the perfect primer for the show, and after introducing the headliner, the crowd greeted Segura with thunderous applause.

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Segura began his set by sardonically praising the vast representations of humanity on display at casinos. To both the high-roller strutting about the casino floor in luxury wear and the motorized scooter-riding derelict croaking “hit me” through a laryngectomy, Segura confidently said “I can see why you’re here.” From there, Segura dove into the material that he has been on tour perfecting for more than a year. The result was a masterpiece of crude commentary and disturbingly intimate storytelling, all packaged into an impeccably polished and hilarious hour-long set.

From his father’s last words to him before he passed to answering a painfully awkward question from his son, Segura took the audience with him through the most uncomfortable of situations and left the crowd gasping for air at every punchline and tag. Every bit absolutely leveled the audience. I still laugh every time I think about the comic misdirection in his answer to his son’s question. Fans of Your Mom’s House delighted in every podcast reference (though I suspect Garth Brooks was less amused), and the crowd laughed and cheered at the friendly potshots taken at his 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast co-host, Bert Kreischer. The momentum of the show never slowed down one iota, and the crowd’s laughter crescendoed to the very end.

The entire performance captured Segura at his absolute best. If you thought the uncomfortably candid storytelling of his 2020 Netflix special Ball Hog was the peak of the comedian’s raunchy prowess, Segura’s current hour would make his past material clutch its pearls. While the current divisive cultural climate has been enough to cause many performers to measure themselves more carefully (and in some cases rightfully so), it’s refreshing to see a comedian gleefully stomp across eggshells rather than avoid them.

Tyler Childress
Tyler Childress
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