Rocco Crapis, DC

Alchemy Chiropractic

Dr. Rocco Crapis was classically trained in chiropractic medicine and is driven by a strong foundation and interest in human potential and the ability to adapt. He has spent the last decade studying healing modalities from around the world and applies his knowledge in a way that fine-tunes the nervous system specifically in every patient, allowing each person the ability to thrive.

Dr. Rocco explains that health is our ability to adapt to a force. That force can be constructive or destructive, depending upon our body’s ability to take in that force and create the proper response. “I find very specific areas of your spinal cord and brain that are not communicating—or sending the correct signal—and I introduce a very constructive force that allows the body and brain to up-regulate the nervous system, increasing your adaptive potential to extraordinary heights. When there is dissonance in an area of the spinal cord, the body simply cannot adapt the way it was designed. When I nudge the body in the right direction, your adaptive capacity increases, and you start to live the life you were intended to live,” he says.

Regardless of where you are or what you’re experiencing when you start care with Dr. Rocco, he is determined to help you achieve a level of health that you’ve never experienced before.

Alchemy Chiropractic

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