Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Salt Lake’s Puppet Master

Our sister publication, Salt Lake Magazine, interviews Will Shutze, a puppeteer who’s quite the character—make that “characters.” 

written by: Mary Brown Malouf   video by: Andrea Peterson

Puppets are old-fashioned, ancient and simple—barely qualifying as entertainment in this age of CGI and video games. But somehow at this year’s Pie & Beer Day festival, a crowd of hipsters, plus me, gathered around a cocky little wooden skeleton marionette doing an attitudinous dance to the music of Hank Williams. Meet Mister Bonetangles—you may recognize him from the movie, Chef—who has performed on the streets of Dallas, Los Angeles, Charleston and now Salt Lake City.

Read the full article here.  

Salt Lake’s Puppet Master – Will Schutze and Mr. Bonetangles from Salt Lake Magazine on Vimeo.

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