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Satisfy your food cravings

Are you craving a hot dog?

I mean a real dog, with zesty mustard and tangy pickles. If you are, then pass ‘go’, and then stop at Deli On Rye located at 4311 North Federal Highway in Boca Raton. There you will be treated to a ¼ lb Hebrew National dog on a fresh bun. Nothing more can be said – this baby will put you in “hot dog” heaven.

How about another craving?

I’m specifically talking about the need for a candy fix. If you are the place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth is The Fresh Market at 100 West Camino Real in Boca Raton. Once you find the candy department you will enjoy the pleasures of one of the most extensive chocolate, and self-select, bulk candy selections in the area.

If you’re addicted to chocolate-covered malted milk balls, chocolate-covered raisins, peanuts and almonds, gummy bears, orange slices (my wife’s favorite), a variety of hard candies and a full line of sugar-free candies, then it’s mandated you visit this location.

I guarantee your sweet tooth will be satisfied and the part of your brain (control central) that calls out for a sweet treat will thank you forever for finding this place.

Need a lobster fix? We got the place that will take care of it. It is The Station House in the Cove in Deerfield Beach. They have lobsters of all sizes, served any way you want– broiled, steamed, or with a tangy Marinara sauce. I recommend the lobster special– five lobster tails covered with a scampi sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and baked. There’s nothing like it.

For a full menu, see their web site at This long- established South Florida restaurant is a must for seafood lover, especially Maine lobsters.

Another restaurant in The Cove that deserves your attention is the Two Georges (formerly The Cove) located at the east end on the Intracoastal Waterway. Recently opened by restaurateur Bill Scaggs, this is a perfect venue to eat outdoors on the water while sipping your favorite cocktail.

We particularly like the fresh smoked fish dip, the conch fritters, and the coconut shrimp. The baked stuffed shrimp– 5 gulf shrimp stuffed liberally with crab imperial and then baked, was terrific as was the dolphin sandwich with fries.  Bill Scaggs knows what he is doing and the reopening of this old location promises visitors terrific food and drink experience. For more information, go to

And don’t forget the newly renovated Watercolors Restaurant & Lounge located in The Bridge Hotel at Camino and the Intracoastal in Boca Raton. It is the only place in Boca on the water where you can have a “pop” and eat. Given its new look and great food, it is a must for dining and drinking this summer – breakfast, lunch or dinner. You just can’t beat this longstanding location that we took our kids to every Sunday, after church, when they were youngsters 31 years ago. They enjoyed it then, and still do now in their old age. Happy hour from 4-7 PM is the best– as the well vodka is Smirnoff, which lights my fire.

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