Scream for Ice Cream


I will be the first one to admit this—I scream for ice cream. Indeed, ice cream is my favorite food group and because of it, summer doesn’t seem to be so brutal. You’re probably thinking that ice cream isn’t exactly a health food, right? Well, you may be correct, but being a Green Goddess, I’m here to share some of my Z-tips on how to pick the best ice cream treats, so that you don’t feel deprived or guilty.


If you are a health nut and want and ice-cream-like treat without any guilt whatsoever, then go for an acai bowl.

Pronounced “Ah-sah-ee”, this special Brazilian berry is loaded with anti-oxidants, which are known to help protect your body’s cells from getting damaged by free radicals and have the potential to prevent heart disease, diabetes and various conditions related to aging.

In order to have this berry turn into an ice cream dessert, simply blend it with frozen bananas, nut butter and your favorite berries. Top it with fresh fruit, crunchy toppings and enjoy every single guilt-free bite.

After trying many different versions of this treat, I highly recommend Apura Juicery and Kitchen in West Boca. Try their PB & A bowl—it’s outstanding!


For those who are OK splurging on a higher-calorie dessert but still want to keep it plant-based and cholesterol-free, check out So Delicious cashew-based ice cream or their coconut-based chocolate-almond covered ice cream bars.

I have sampled many non-dairy ice cream treats from several brands, and after lots of research (I love my job!), I found this brand to be the closest in flavor and texture to dairy ice cream. It’s also one of the cleanest brands on the market. You can find So Delicious at our local Whole Foods Market and at Publix.

Z-TIP: Coconut oil in the ice cream has shown to aid weight loss and boost immunity.


If you’re looking to have your ice cream the old-fashioned way with dairy milk, I highly recommend Three Twins Ice Cream. This northern California company raises their cows on beautiful green pastures, doesn’t use any pesticides, antibiotics or hormones and makes their ice cream in small batches.

The challenge that I find with dairy ice cream is that it can be much more addictive than non-dairy varieties due to its content of casein. Simply put, this naturally occurring protein makes dairy naturally addictive, and therefore easy to over-eat.

Z-TIP: To help you control your portion, put your ice cream in a small cone, such as Let’s Do Organic gluten free ice cream cones. Not only will these 12-calorie, gluten-free cones make you feel like a kid again, but they will also help you stick to ½ cup serving, while keeping you satisfied.


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