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She’s a Natural: Take a Load Off Your Beauty Routine

Rather than hiding your natural beauty under products and heat, learn to love it—and embrace what you’ve got


Leslie Munsell

Overdrawn eyebrows, false eyelashes, bold lip colors and winged eyeliner—with the advent of YouTube makeup tutorials and the contouring craze, dramatic makeup has ruled faces for the last few years. However, experts foresee our makeup getting much lighter.

“To me, that is not really artistry, because there’s no creativity behind it. It’s just duplicating the same look on everybody,” says Leslie Munsell, a South Florida celebrity makeup artist and the founder of Beauty For Real.

What’s up next? More realistic makeup routines, with quicker application times, a lighter hand, neutral colors, and choosing just one feature to pop.

“I think that if you’re around long enough, you kind of see things swing back and forth in fashion constantly, and it’s definitely doing that in the world of makeup.”


Travis Hutchinson

If clothing stores and the closets of fashionistas are any indication, light, comfortable fashion is making a comeback.

“This year is all about patterns and bold colors,” says Travis Hutchinson, who oversees the Lord + Taylor Smart Styling Program. “At Lord + Taylor some of our favorite trends are light graphic tees, cropped pants, wedge sandals, bold colors and the classic shift dress that can be transformed from day to night.”

Some colors to be on the lookout for: yellows, blues, hot pinks, and then red and olive as summer gives way to fall. So say goodbye to body-con dresses and impossibly high heels, and hello to looser fits and wedges.


Bethany Bartlett-Tomko

Those curls and beach waves you’ve been heating up with a straightener all these years? Just let your hair down and let it go. Women of all hair types are learning to enjoy their hair’s natural texture and body, rather than adhering to whatever trend the industry is dictating.

“I actually specialize in curls and helping people embrace their natural curl instead of fighting it,” says Bethany Bartlett-Tomko, a partner at Purstrands Salon in Delray Beach. “I have helped many women go a more natural route with their hair color as well as curls.”

Simplifying your hair care routine is not only better for your locks, but think of all the time you’ll save!

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Christiana Lilly
Christiana Lilly
Christiana Lilly is the former web editor at Boca magazine, where she enjoyed battling with web coding and community reporting—the more off beat, the better. An award-winning journalist, she is the president of the Society of Professional Journalists Florida chapter and a proud graduate of the University of Florida.

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