Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sienna Charles’s Picks: Part 1

Sienna Charles is all about luxury travel. We asked co-owners Jaclyn Sienna India and Freddy Charles Reinert to pick five of their favorite luxury vacation spots that are often overlooked. This is the first installment in the five-part series, with one location revealed every Friday until the end of March.

East Africa

Countries to note: Ethiopia (pictured above), Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

Favorite experiences: Using helicopters to get to places that are otherwise untouchable

Whether you’d like to explore all four countries or just one, Sienna Charles can organize that for you. They work with 200 different tribes in Ethiopia. They’ll take you to see animals you would never see anywhere else. They have mobile camps in Tanzania and Kenya, where you leave for game drives during the day and your entire tent gets packed away then reassembled exactly the way it was in a new location.

“They say even your toothbrush is exactly where you left it,” Jaclyn says. “To us that’s luxurious.”

And when we say tent, we’re not talking about the ones associated with boy scouts. We’re talking chef-cooked dinners and fine silverware. It’s not a five-star hotel, but it’s set up with five-star service.

Tune in next Friday for more of Jaclyn and Freddy’s picks.

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