Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Sienna Charles’s Picks: Part 2

Sienna Charles is all about luxury travel. We asked co-owners Jaclyn Sienna India and Freddy Charles Reinert to pick five of their favorite luxury vacation spots that are often overlooked. This is the second installment in the five-part series, with one location revealed every Friday until the end of March.


If you’ve never been to Japan, brace yourself.

“It’s a shocker,” Freddy says. “It’s a society that’s so different and so unique, it’s hard to explain unless you actually go there.”

Spots to visit: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone

Favorite activities: workshops with local craftsmen, dining at the top restaurants – which they determine based on their experiences, not from press materials or other sources

“We don’t just open the Conde Nast Traveler and say ‘ok, those are the top cause everyone says they’re the top,’” Jaclyn says. “We go to every single restaurant and we try every single hotel.”

Kyoto is one of their top spots to take clients because as Freddy quotes, it’s “where the Japanese people go to be Japanese again.”

Sleep in traditional Ryokans on a tatami mat and go through the Geisha experience. It’s a vacation you’ll never forget.

For more from Jaclyn and Freddy, click here.

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