Tuesday, July 23, 2024

“Sister Act” a rollicking good time

sister-act_final-bigWe all saw the 1992 movie and many of us wondered if it could ever translate to the stage—and function without Whoopie Goldberg. But the Wick Theater answers both these questions with a resounding “yes” for its new production about love and redemption—and delivers a lot of fun in the process.

Deloris Van Cartier (the Whoopie character in the film), played by Floridian Patrece Bloomfield, is a formally trained singer with a powerful voice and great comedic timing. We know the story of how Deloris with her checkered past is forced to hide in a convent under the begrudging eye of Mother Superior (played by Danette Cuming) to avoid being killed by her avenging gangster boyfriend Curtis Jackson, played by Don Seward. Cuming delivers a powerful Broadway punch and Seward strikes just the right note of smooth and slithery. Interspersed in all of this is an ensemble cast of dancing nuns and gangsters (it doesn’t get any better), original music by Alan Menken, and a tale that is as improbable and it is uplifting.

But we’ll take it—a fun dose of live theater with top-notch local talent and Broadway belting is just what the doctor ordered. “

Other notable players include Coral Springs’ Andre Russell as Lt. Eddie Souther, Delores’ former school mate who still carries a flame while attempting to save her from her evil paramour; dancing gangsters Michael Cartwright, Elijah Word and Pasqualino Beltempo; local favorite Michael Collins as the Monsignor and Leslie Wolfe, Jessica Brooke Stanford and Margot Moreland as the nuns who befriend Deloris.

Sister Act runs through December 23; call 561/995-2333 for tickets.

—Margaret and John Shuff


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