Monday, April 15, 2024

Small Bites: All the Restaurant News You Can Use

Say goodbye to a pair of the local restaurant scene’s high-concept eateries.

We reported last week that Leo Balestrieri’s Apicius in Lantana was sold and has become Bar Italia, a much more casual concept with prices considerably lower than those of its predecessor. New info is that Balestrieri plans to openHarry’s American Bar in Palm Beach later this year so start getting your mouth set for those bellinis.

In Mizner Park, ZED is dead. That would be ZED 451, the contemporary American churrascuria that never seemed to really find its footing despite putting out what I thought was some pretty good food.

The continuing crummy economy was reportedly a big reason, though I always thought the nouveau churrascuria concept would be a tough sell in SoFla, where we already have so many real churrascurias. Let’s hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come in the traditionally slow off-season.

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