Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Small Bites: Comings & Goings

If you’re a fan of Il Bellagio in CityPlace and are wondering what’s going on with  the object of your gastronomic affections, the answer is simple: renovations. As in really extensive (and no doubt expensive) renovations. The West Palm outpost of restaurateur Tommy Billante’s dining empire is in the midst of a major makeover, reportedly of everything from the bathrooms to the pretty outdoor patio facing the mall’s burbling fountain, with the wraps to come off in late October. Given that CityPlace’s newest Italian eatery, the stylish Brio Tuscan Grille, is packing in diners like so many pasta-inhaling sardines, the Bellagio redo couldn’t come at a better time.

In the what goes up must come down department. . . down for the count are a pair of Delray Beach restaurants, albeit ones that had little in common but their location on East Atlantic Avenue. The downtown branch of fast-casual pizza ‘n’ pasta purveyor Rotelli has closed, as has the star-crossed 75 Main, which even the tender ministrations of star-chef-turned-restaurant-consultant Mark Militello couldn’t save. The younger sibling of celebrity-magnet 75 Main in Southampton opened with a bang a couple years back but never seemed to find its footing, even after Militello took the food from average at best to pretty damn good. But that’s the way it goes. . . RIP.

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