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Sneak Peek: Boca Raton Airport Opening an Observation Area

Aviation buffs rejoice—coming this fall, the Boca Raton Airport will be offering a shaded observation site for the public to watch the planes coming in and out of the airport.

With an expected opening in November, visitors will be able to relax at picnic tables, learn more about the local wildlife, and even listen in on the radio transmissions between the pilots and the air traffic control tower.

“This has been an idea that we’ve had for a number of years,” Clara Bennett, the executive director of the airport, told Boca magazine. “We have had people every day that come out to the airport and park their cars along the fence line and watch airplanes.”

Executive Director of the Boca Raton Airport Authority, Clara Bennett. Photo by Eduardo Schneider.

The airport hosted a grand opening for the observation area on Tuesday afternoon with hopes for it to be ready in November, after the summer stormy season and when the weather is cooler. The circular space is fenced in and has a slight rise—at the top of the platform, 4 feet in the air, guests will be able to see above the fence with clear views of the aircraft.

Located next to FAU’s Research Park, the area is already popular for people taking a walk or spending their lunch break. The observation area will be another place to enjoy fresh air under a shaded canopy, as well as learn about the area’s burrowing owls and gopher tortoises, get more details on the aircraft using the airport, and listen to pilots’ communication.

“Oftentimes we have people who are veterans or who are pilots themselves or flew professionally and retired that just like to be out and about and see airplanes,” Bennett explains.

A rendering of the observation space at the Boca Raton Airport.

The Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport has a smaller, shaded observation area with three picnic tables while Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Palm Beach International Airport both have nearby parks where the public can watch the planes. 

Obviously, the one in the works in Boca will be where we live out our flyboy/girl dreams.

Christiana Lilly
Christiana Lilly
Christiana Lilly is the editor in chief at Boca magazine, where she enjoys putting a spotlight on the Boca Raton and Palm Beach County community through both print and digital. Previously, she was the company's web editor. An award-winning journalist, she is the past president of the Society of Professional Journalists Florida chapter and a proud graduate of the University of Florida.

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