Thursday, December 7, 2023

South Florida’s Medical Experts 2021: Evan M. Packer, MD

Brain and Spine Center South Florida

4675 Linton Blvd., Suite 102, Delray Beach; (561) 501-7445

As a partner at the Brain and Spine Center South Florida, board-certified neurosurgeon Dr. Evan Packer brings 22 years of extensive clinical training and experience in the latest treatments for brain and spine conditions. Dr. Packer trained under one of the pioneers of neurosurgical spine surgery and also received fellowship training in neurosurgical oncology at the Moffitt Comprehensive Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa. Dr. Packer is Medical Director of Neurosurgery at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, treats trauma patients at Delray Medical Center, and has full privileges at the Marcus Neuroscience Institute.

Q. What types of conditions do you treat?

A. My active elective practice is geared toward treatment for spinal disorders. I perform minimally invasive spinal surgery as well as complex trauma surgeries. But what most people probably don’t realize is that as a neurosurgeon, I can also treat everyday problems such as neck pain radiating into your arm, numbness, back or leg pain, or weakness. Just because you see a neurosurgeon doesn’t mean the treatment involves surgery. As neurosurgeons, we constantly work under microscopic conditions, repairing nerves and working around the spinal cord, using the most gentle, tissue-sparing techniques. That kind of training gives a thorough understanding of all spinal issues and how to best treat them with the best outcomes.

Q. What is your practice philosophy?

A. I place a high value on patient satisfaction. I am motivated by the singular purpose of trying to do the right thing for my patients who often have serious, life-threatening problems, and tough disease conditions. I look at what the long-term options and the risk factors are, involving the patient in the decision making process. I will treat with the conservative option first and possibly the bigger surgical option later, only if it is necessary.

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