South Florida’s Medical Experts: Dr. Robert P. Norton

Dr. Robert Norton (Photo by Paulette Martin)

Skilled in the most advanced surgical techniques and emerging technologies, Dr. Robert Norton offers expertise in all aspects of spine care. His expertise and excellent surgical outcomes have earned him the nickname, “Miracle Worker.”

Throughout his career, Dr. Norton has had a strong interest in academic medicine and has been actively involved in teaching and research. He has authored multiple publications on a variety of topics related to spine surgery in numerous peer-reviewed journals and textbooks. He has received several research grants and has presented his research at both national and international conferences.

How do you treat a painful compression fracture?

Compression fractures of the spine occur most often in people with osteoporosis, after a fall, after a forceful cough or sneeze, or simply from bending over to tie shoes. Fortunately, I can treat patients with an easy solution called a Kyphoplasty, performed in my office in about 10-minutes. After numbing the area, I simply place a small needle into the broken bone under x-ray guidance. I can then inject a small amount of bone “glue” to stabilize the broken bone. This is a permanent fix and serves to get rid of the pain from the broken bone and prevent further collapse of the one so you don’t become deformed and hunched over. The pain is gone immediately and you can walk out of the office with just a Band-Aid!

What defines you as a physician?

I am a compassionate physician who seeks to improve my patients’ quality of life through skill and understanding. My prestigious academic training combined with a passion for teaching and research allows me take an individual and evidence-based approach to every patient, and to provide high quality care that is research and evidence-based, with proven and expected results. I have authored multiple publications on a variety of spine surgery topics in numerous peer-reviewed journals and textbooks and have presented my research at national and international conferences.

Dr. Robert P. Norton, MD, FAAOS

670 Glades Road, Suite 200, Boca Raton; 5162 Linton Boulevard, Suite 203, Delray Beach; 8190 S. Jog Road, Suite #100-101, Boynton Beach; 561/495-9511;

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