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How to Spend your Sunday if you’re Under 21

If you’re like me, you’re eagerly counting down the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until you turn the glorious age of 21. It’s a rite of passage—the official age at which people stop treating you like you’re in the fifth grade and start treating you like royalty; at least that’s how I’ve come to see it after waiting patiently and watching all of my peers turn 21 before me. It’s also an excuse to dress up for happy hour, go out for drinks with friends or lounge on the beach with a piña colada in hand.

For now, however, most of us under-21 people view our fun-having opportunities as limited. Fortunately, South Florida has a multitude of options for us to create our own versions of Sunday Funday minus the alcoholic beverages.

1. Alcoholic drinks are often crafted to perfection and make for a perfect Instagram photo, but if you’re not 21 yet, head over to Farmer’s Table in Boca Raton for a mocktail. Their “Refresh and Revive” menu consists of non-alcoholic options of fancy, healthy drinks that won’t break your bank. Here are two options on the menu that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized:

Okeechobee Sunrise

– Moroccan green mint tea

– Pressed orange

– Organic honey

– Beet-water ice cubes

Little Dove

– Natural tamarind soda

– Shrub & co grapefruit shrub

– Black sea salt


2. On a beautiful Sunday morning, there’s no place I’d rather be than laying on the beach with a cold drink in my hand, and the best part about living in Florida is getting to enjoy frozen drinks year-round. “Virgin” non-alcoholic frozen drink options are popular among those of us in the under-21 club.

If you want a quick, simple drink to take down to the beach, I recommend Bacardi Mixers frozen drink mix. It takes about 5 minutes of prep and leaves you with an icy, fruity, thirst-quenching drink.


3. On a lazy, gloomy Sunday, there’s nothing better than binge-watching your favorite Netflix show on the couch or in bed under a million blankets. While your friends who are 21 are out at Sunday brunch sipping mimosas, you can make your own pretty drink to Snapchat to all of your friends—hot chocolate.

For quick results, I’d go with Swiss Miss individual packets, specifically the “marshmallow lovers” because you can never have enough marshmallows, am I right? The individual packets are convenient, tasty and get the job done in a matter of seconds. Whipped cream is another great garnish to keep your drink looking beautiful and tasting delicious.


4. Sometimes, heading to the beach may seem like a hassle. Have no fear! It’s nice to spend your Sunday afternoon lounging on your favorite raft in the pool. A great non-alcoholic drink to accompany a pool day is an ice cream float.

With tons of flavors to choose from, the options are endless. The mixture of ice cream and cold soda will keep anyone cool on a hot summer day. These sweet treats will have your friends ditching their cocktails and heading over to your house to indulge for themselves.

5. South Florida is known for its beautiful parks and landscape. If you’re in the mood to enjoy a day outside without going to the beach or the pool, have a picnic. You won’t have to worry about all of your friends ordering drinks at lunch while you’re sipping on a sprite because you’ll have something better for everyone—lemonade! A sweet treat, lemonade is a perfect non-alcoholic refresher for a hot summer day, so consider a few of these recipes below for more fun lemonade mocktails:

For all of these recipes, start with regular lemonade as your base:

– 1 ½ cups of lemon juice

– ¼ cup of sugar

– 5 cups of water


With options like these, enjoying Sunday if you’re under 21 won’t be so difficult after all!



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Megan Kearney is a senior at the University of Florida studying journalism and business administration, who is interning at Boca Magazine this summer. When she’s not thinking about puppies and ice cream, she’s probably writing, editing and meeting new people. You can reach Megan at

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