Thursday, May 16, 2024

Sponsored Blog: Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement

For individuals needing or considering hip replacement, there’s a new technique being practiced at Boca Raton Regional Hospital – minimally invasive anterior hip replacement surgery. This approach differs from traditional hip replacement in that there is less disruption to the surrounding muscles and tendons. By performing surgery through a smaller incision and with minimal soft-tissue disturbance, patients will have less pain post-operatively and a faster recovery.

The anterior approach to hip replacement is known as the muscle-splitting approach, because the surgeon accesses the hip between two muscles, rather than removing and reattaching the muscle. The principal advantage in the anterior approach is that there is little to no rehabilitation needed after the procedure because there is no reattached muscle that needs to heal. Consistent with other minimally invasive procedures, the skin incision is minimized in order to limit pain and recovery following the surgery. Additionally, anterior hip replacements are thought by some surgeons to have a lower rate of dislocation.

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