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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Burgers in Palm Beach County and Beyond

It seems like I’ve been in the mood for a burger just about every day since the beginning of June. Maybe I’m just a die-hard carnivore. Actually, I know I am. And you probably are, too, if you’re reading this. So let’s talk best burgers today with the staff of Boca mag.

Shayna Tanen, web editor (that’s me!)

Mac Daddy

From Grease Burger Bar

Grease’s Mac Daddy burger. Photo by Experimar.

Grease’s Mac Daddy mac and cheese burger is like carbs tucked into carbs blanketed on pork and resting on a cow. The burger patty is always juicy, just the right amount of greasy, and cooked just right. I’m a mac and cheese nut, so the addition of a pretty good mac and cheese to just about anything would appease me. When bits of mac fall out of the bun and onto the plate, it’s the same kind of excitement as finding a face-up lucky penny on the ground. It’s also advised that you get tater tots and pickles with your meal, because how much fun is that? Grease has an unhealthy selection of burgers for any appetite! Vegetarians will be happy about Terance’s Housemade Veggie Burger, while burger fiends will enjoy The Grease Beast (a devilish stack of grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon, burger and accoutrements).

Grease is at 213 Clematis St., West Palm Beach; 561/651-1075

Allison Lewis, associate editor


From Beer Trade Co.

Photo courtesy of Beer Trade Co.
Photo courtesy of Beer Trade Co.

Anthony Bourdain said it best: keep a burger simple. He’s right—with quality ingredients, a burger doesn’t really need anything more than the patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and a great special sauce. Beer Trade exemplifies this best. Their brisket/short rib/ground chuck patty blend is chargrilled to order (medium!) then topped with melty sharp cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato slices and onion, all stacked on a toasted potato roll. Don’t forget to slather on the special Beer Trade Sauce.

Beer Trade Co. is at 145 N.E. 4th Ave., Delray Beach, 561/808-7304 and 2151 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton; 561/409-2569

Gail Eagle, special projects manager

What: Sweet Caroline

From ROK:BRGR Burger Bar & Gastropub

The Sweet Caroline. Photo courtesy of ROK:BRGR.
The Sweet Caroline. Photo courtesy of ROK:BRGR.

ROK:BRGR’s handcrafted burgers are the kind of juicy that makes them mouthwatering.  My favorite is the Sweet Caroline with tasty aged Vermont cheddar, BBQ glazed short rib, creamy (but not too creamy) coleslaw, fried onion strings, and a “just right” bourbon BBQ sauce. Sometimes you just want a burger—but it has to be special.  This is the one for me. Oh! Be sure to get the truffle fries.  Don’t share … you’ll want them all to yourself.

ROK:BRGR is at 4 E Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach; 561/808-7220. Other locations in Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach and South Miami. 

Mandy Wynne, production manager

What: Black & Bleu Bacon Burger

From Bokampers Bar & Grill

Mandy’s Black and Bleu Bacon burger.

The “Black & Bleu Bacon  Burger” from Bokampers on the intracoastal in Fort Lauderdale recently knocked The Rusty Hook Tavern’s “RH burger” from it’s tasty pedestal. A fluffy, lightly toasted bun encompassing an ample portion of succulent beef, buried beneath a heaping pile of toppings was definitely worth blowing my diet for. The lush combination of melted blue cheese, thickly cut strips of bacon, creamy horseradish steak sauce and crispy onion strings (you can also sub with tater tots) was a delight to the tastebuds! You can’t get much better than that in my book.

Bokampers is at 3115 NE 32nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale; 954/900-5584

John Thomason, managing editor

What: ‘Shroom Burger

From Shake Shack

Behold, the 'Shroom Burger. Photo provided by Shake Shack.
Behold, the ‘Shroom Burger. Photo provided by Shake Shack.

The veggie burger enthusiast is accustomed to disappointment. As gussied up as they may be with artisanal sauces and house-made spices, black bean patties and quinoa blends rarely match the flavor profiles of their carnivorous brethren. Shake Shack’s meatless option, however, is as delicious and decadent as anything produced by a cow. It’s a deep-fried portabello mushroom filled with melted cheeses, and it’s a slice of artery-clogging heaven. The restaurant’s signature ShackSauce helps, but this fungi-driven spin on the veggie burger would be scrumptious enough without it.

Shake Shack is at 1400 Glades Road, Boca Raton; 561/923-0847

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Shayna Tanen
Shayna Tanen
Shayna is the Web Editor of Boca Magazine. She is a 20-something sorta-recent graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. Most of her time is spent fawning over cats and kittens; cooking food at home for her family; and observing Florida's greatest asset: nature.

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