Saturday, February 17, 2024

Staff Picks of the Week

Love is Strange

Picked by John Thomason, Assistant Editor

“Opening today at Cinemark Palace here in Boca, ‘Love is Strange’ is a subtle knockout, a touching yet unsentimental story about an aging gay couple—played by a pitch-perfect John Lithgow and Alfred Molina—forced to live in different residences after news their wedding disrupts their careers. Turning the personal political and vice versa, this is easily one the year’s best films thus far.”

The Wine Wave

Picked by Adrienne Mayer, Production Manager

“Not only do they have a great selection of wines at affordable prices, but they also carry hard to find craft beers. They’ll even try to stock ones by request.”

Trader Joe’s Kona Coffee Truffles

Picked by Stefanie Cainto, Web Editor

“My current favorite indulgence. Soft and creamy with a hint of coffee granule crunch. Because it’s coffee flavored, it isn’t overly sweet. Best part? All Trader Joe’s branded items don’t have any artificial flavors or colors, GMOs and preservatives.”

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