Saturday, December 9, 2023

Staff Picks: physical and supernatural sensation

Lululemon Sensation

Picked by Taryn Tacher, Web Editor

“Lululemon has completely redesigned the way we choose our pants, and it’s genius. It’s all about how you want to feel, whether that’s tight, hugged, held-in, naked or relaxed. After trying on pants with each sensation, I decided I like the hugged feel the best. I got a pair of the “Beyond Boundaries” pants in black with an olive snakeskin pattern on the front. They’re snug while still allowing me to move freely. I can’t wait to work out in them!”

( // 6000 Glades Rd. // 561/392-6022)

Wicked Delray Ghost Tour

Picked by Nancy Kumpulainen, Art Director

“A group of friends and I recently decided to attend Delray Beach’s one and only ghost tour! Our guide and ghost story expert, Marilyn, met us at Veteran’s Park and brought us around several areas on and around Atlantic Ave. to tell us some interesting historical occurrences that were very entertaining to listen to. It was something different to do, a little spooky and lots of fun before heading out on the Ave.!”

( // 561/666-7906)

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