Sunday, April 14, 2024

Staff Picks: Sheets and Skincare

Bedgear Performance sheets
Picked by Lori Pierino, Senior Art Director

“As I have reached a ‘certain age,’ I no longer enjoy the restful nights sleep that I used to, so anything that brings more ZZZZZZ’s to my nights is very welcome. Bedgear sheets have been a pleasant surprise. When I hop into bed at night, I am reminded of my grandma’s guest room with the most comfortable sheets you have ever felt. From day one, they have that softness that comes from sheets that have been washed a hundred times. Another advantage is that the quick-dry breathable fabric will keep you cool and comfortable despite those annoying night sweats!”


Tresor Rare

Picked by Lorraine Manfre, Account Executive

“My favorite new product is from Tresor Rare on Worth Ave. in Palm Beach. It’s expensive, but for a girl with troubled skin, it is definitely worth the price.”

Judd Dunagan
Judd Dunagan
Digital marketing and communication professional with over 20 years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of platform development, content marketing, online media buying, and brand management. Successfully launched digital platforms for numerous start-ups to rebranding fortune 100 companies. Leadership style is a native driver with analyzing and collaboration as key components to achieving success. He can work both as a technologist and technician at many levels for marketing and development. His company Bright Vessel is one of the top Wordpress and WooCommerce Maintenance Companies in the United States.

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