Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Start Your Day with Breakfast at Max’s Grille

Doris Kearns Goodwin, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and part-time Boca resident, is a creature of habit by her own admission. When she and husband Richard visit Boca from January to March, they stay in an apartment at Mizner Park and have set destinations for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Goodwin, who frequents Max’s Grille for lunch, may have to alter her breakfast plans now that Max’s is opening its doors at 8 a.m. The venerable Mizner Park restaurant, celebrating 20 years, recently launched a breakfast menu-and if the recent media sampling, hosted by owner Dennis Max and prepared by executive chef Patrick Broadhead (pictured), is any indication, Goodwin won’t be the only one lining up for morning treats.

The menu has its share of traditional breakfast fare, but Broadhead also adds his signature twists. The Challah French Toast, for example, is served with berries and creme fraiche; while an egg white omelet done “The Boca Way” includes turkey breast, tomatoes and spinach.

Max says that the time was right for a breakfast option in downtown Boca Raton-in part, because his customers were clamoring for it. Don’t be surprised if Max’s becomes the IT destination for morning business meetings and breakfast get-togethers.

“We all have a passion for what we do,” Max says about the staying power of his Mizner Park restaurant. “We’ve been lucky to maintain that culture here at Max’s.”

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