One of the most anticipated restaurant openings in Boca will occur this Sunday, when Stephane Lang-Willar’s sophisticated yet affordable French-American bistro, Stephane’s (2006 Executive Center Circle, 561/893-8838), makes its debut in the former Copper Canyon space just off Glades Road.

Lang-Willar, founder of one of France’s largest restaurant chains, has assembled a cast of heavy hitters for his new Boca venture. Heading up the kitchen is former Burt Rapoport and Carmine Giardini exec chef John Belleme, with the wine program in the hands of Breakers’ sommelier and West Palm wine shop owner Virginia Philip.

Among the more innovative aspects of Stephane’s is the use of individual iPads as wine lists instead of the typical printed volumes. Using the iPad, diners can not only peruse the 150-bottle list (with more than two-dozen wines by the glass) but can enter whatever courses they’re having (or thinking of having) and get wine recommendations and pairing info from Philip.

Also a bit off the eatin’ path is Stephane’s curbside to-go service. No need to order ahead of time, just pull into the to-go parking space and a server will take your order, have it packaged up and ferry back to your car. They’ll do everything but eat it for you.

Speaking of eats, Stephane’s menu features a trio of tartares (beef, salmon and tuna) , apps from Sichuan calamari to oysters Rockefeller, a multiculti array of eight different types of steamed mussels, entrees from prime rib to bouillabaisse, and desserts from tarte tatin to waffles with your choice of ice creams and hot sauces.