STORY and PLAY: Two New Experiences Coming to Town Center Mall

STORY at Macy's

As if the major renovations at Town Center weren’t enough, two new experiences will be coming soon to the shopping center.

For families, there will be PLAY, an indoor play space that will be opening later this summer. Then there’s STORY, a pop-up experience that will bring the outdoors inside at Macy’s.

A respite for parents after dragging their kids around shopping, PLAY will be a 1,600-square-foot playground with features inspired by waterways and waterfronts. Kids will find an arch rope ladder, social slide, wave recliner, rope-mesh deck, telescope, climbing staircase, play blocks, secret tunnel, and other interactive play. The playground is split up into the Coral Cave, Warp Porta, Triplet Tree Stepper, and other arenas.

The indoor playground will open later this summer, in the Nordstrom Wing near Crate & Barrel.

Rendering of PLAY at Town Center Boca Raton

Then there’s STORY, an ever-changing pop-up opening in 36 Macy’s locations around the country, including right here in Boca Raton. The concept is in partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Miracle-Gro—stay with me, it’ll make sense.

Through September, customers will be able to experience STORY with the theme “Outdoor”—besides shopping, there will be activities such as indoor gardening workshops, corn hole, flower pressing and journal making, BBQ sauce making, a terrarium building bar, and more.

See the full calendar of events here.

“I think people may be surprised and intrigued by our partnerships, and that is exactly what we wanted,” Rachel Shechtman, the brand experience officer at Macy’s and the founder of the STORY concept, says in a press release.

STORY at Macy’s

The release also revealed that this is a kick-off to a new online brand, Greendigs, where customers can incorporate live plants into their interior design.

Looks like we won’t have a reason to leave the mall.