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Straw Bags and Tropical Vibes: Your LLScene Style Guide to Summer 2018

Summer is officially upon us and we can feel it more than we can see it. The hot, wet air taking over the atmosphere, the way our thighs stick and burn to the leather seats in our cars, and of course, the way our clothes stick to our skin as we go on with our everyday lives. We know you feel our pain!

All that being said, It’s hard to think about style in the summer heat, but luckily, the outfits we’re featuring will keep you cool, comfortable, and stylish all summer long. The best part of it all, is that most—if not all—of these outfits and looks can be found at local boutiques and stores.

Also, did you happen to catch us when we presented a summer style segment on WPTV? You’ll notice that summer 2018 is all about straw bags and pops of color:


It’s All About the Straw Bag

Everyone wants to get their hands on these straw bags this season, but it seems like some of our local and even online retailers can’t keep them in stock. They are THAT popular, which goes to show you why Straw Bags are being featured in our Summer Style Guide. We are big fans of these bags for many reasons; they’re versatile, come in different sizes, and go with ANYTHING. Everyone loves a good beach bag and now you can wear one all the time! It’s seasonally acceptable.

Get That Summer Pop

Let’s start with the pops of color because some of our favorite outfits from the WPTV segment feature Summer 2018 Pantone Colors. Here are the colors you should be wearing this season: Lapis Blue, Jolly Green and Niagara. For the segment, Lindsey is wearing a Pink Yarrow romper (from Apricot Lane in Delray Beach) and Lilly is in an Island Paradise dress (from Lilac and Lilies in Fort Lauderdale).


Lindsey's dress is from Apricot Lane in Delray Beach Lilly’s dress is from Lilac and Lilies in Fort Lauderdale


The Bolder the Better

What is a good outfit without even better accessories? You certainly can’t wear an outfit filled with color without having accessories to go along with. Accessories are fun this summer; big earrings, pom-poms, tassels, and COLOR—lots and lots of color. Another perk? All of these accessories will also pair perfectly with your new straw bags!

Those Shoes Though…

We can’t cover clothing and accessories without shoes, and the hottest shoe for summer is the espadrille. Espadrilles come with an array of fashionable benefits: you can dress them up or down, they come in wedge, sneaker and flat options, and they come pretty much every color you can imagine.



Wrap in the Tropics

If you’ve been shopping lately, you know that wrap dresses and wrap-around rompers are everywhere, and we are totally on board with this. One of the benefits of a wrap dress or wrap romper is that anything with a wrap attached to it means it will be flattering. You can adjust the wrap to your comfort if you vary in size, make the dress long or shorter and dress it up and down. Summer isn’t officially summer without a little tropical delight to take over your wardrobe. Think greens, palm fronds, florals, and COLOR. Wrap in the tropics and you’ve got a two-in-one summer trend. Here are some of our favorites from Apricot Lane in Delray Beach and Wellington:


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