Thursday, May 23, 2024

Summer Indulgences # 1

So I am thinking how much fun it would be to post a series of great summer diversions, from wildly extravagant to simple pleasures…I usually have no trouble running into these on my own, but I am throwing it out there for our readers as well: Send me you great summer finds, from a private beach to a hot fudge sundae to a great band to a weekend getaway. Ready, set, go–get on it!

My first installment will be in the slightly-extravagant-but-worth-it category: a dinner from the new summer menu at the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach (Manalapan for us locals) His royal cute-ness Chef Ryan Artim has helped design a seasonally-based, highly local menu that is light, refreshing, flavorful and elegant—and in the reopened Angle dining room.

I love the booths here—cozy half-shells with a great view of the room, perfect for conversation and people-watching. Last night I tried the Key West shrimp (of course), the cold cucumber soup, the homemade gnocchi with short rib, shelling peas and Parmesan (DO NOT MISS THIS) and the almost as wonderful smoked ham grits. Heaven. And we broke down and had a Chilean sea bass, which I know is not local, but is practically irresistible.

Combine all that with the fire pit on the patio, the ocean breezes, the lobby bar, and you have a summer destination that is sublime. And accessible. No fusty grand hotel vibe here—just fresh and fun, with stellar service and a whimsical ambiance. Worth a spin up A1A, and a little splurge for dinner one of these nights.

Your turn now.

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