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Summer Science at Sugar Sand Park

What are your children doing this summer?

Some kids go away to sleep-away camp, others stay at home, thoroughly enjoying their favorite time of the year by playing ridiculous amounts of video games and staying up late. During the summer months, having fun is a child’s first priority while education takes the backburner until school starts again in the fall.

The Children’s Science Explorium (CSE) at Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton, a hands-on science center dedicated to active learning, has found a way to get kids excited about science while having fun in the process. Their mission: to inspire young learners’ natural curiosity of the physical world through exploration and inquiry.

This summer, kindergarteners discover the wonders of water in the body, in the ground, and in the air through fun exploration. Older campers experience the science of their daily lives, including physics, engineering, chemistry, biology and environmental science. Activities include exploring rockets and identifying the parts, investigating Newton’s Third Law of Motion, and experimenting with a stream table to understand the effects of weather and erosion on rocks.

The Explorium has a permanent exhibit while also offering its visitors three traveling exhibits each year. One such exhibit that has been a hit with the kids is Brain Teasers 2 (BT2). BT2 is a collection of mind-boggling puzzles designed to develop problem-solving skills and provide plenty of fun for the children. The exhibit presents a wide array of challenges – from mathematical conundrums to bizarre block puzzles – for individuals of all ages. Accomplishments of the program include gaining the ability to separate two linked metal hearts and then reassemble them and arranging standard geometric shapes to create new ones.

The science center is designed for children ages 5 – 12 and their caregivers. After school, field trips, and family programs are available to residents year round. Costs for residents are $91 per week per child and non-residents, $123 per week per child. The CSE is at 300 S. Military Trail Boca Raton, FL 33486. For more information or to enroll in the program, call 561/347-3912.

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