Good and Bad News from the World of Sweets

Eat sweet and make a difference at Doris Market

During October, all Doris Market and Bakery stores will mark Breast Cancer month in a very sweet way. For each pink-and-white cookie sold, $1 will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign.

The society is a Doris Market favorite, where a lot has been raised in past years with cookie sales, wine nights and participation in annual walks. Keep the sweet treats working!

No more Peeps till after Valentine’s Day

While about 5.5 million Peeps were made daily by Just Born Quality Confections, due to the pandemic labor restrictions, we won’t see pumpkin Peeps or ghost Peeps or Christmas Peeps this year. Plus no Valentine’s Day Peeps. 

That leaves Easter, which is the largest Peeps holiday anyway. We will continue to hold out hope for the chicks to return by then. 

Not as popular as the Peeps, the company also makes Mike and Ike fruit candy and Hot Tamale, all of which had production suspended for the rest of this year.

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