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Swimsuit Inspiration: Jessica Garcia

On paper, Jessica Garcia would not have made a good Musketeer. The founder of Ola Feroz swimwear in Boca Raton (805 E. Palmetto Park Road, is anything but a one-for-all designer, tailoring each hand-created piece to the individual. Here, the graduate of Florida Atlantic University (with Venezuelan ties) discusses what’s most important when hunting for the perfect bathing suit.

Fabric first: “You’re going to have different fabrics that look good on you—[based] on your skin tone and your features. Fabric choice is No. 1.”

Lifestyle: “We pick styles that go with what they’ll be using the suits for. If [customers] are going to be mostly lounging, there are certain styles for that—[compared to the more athletic person] rolling around in the sand or water skiing.”

Body type: For bigger busted women, try a wrap top that’s supportive and doesn’t put strain on your neck. For those with wider hips, make sure your bottom isn’t hip-accentuating. If you’re small-busted, look for 3-D detailing. [See product sidebar for examples.]

Personal touch: “Find a place that’s going to cater to you and give you the time. … My customers are here for almost an hour. They want to try on the suits. They want to hear my opinion. Go to a place that isn’t going to rush you, that’s going to give you that one-on-one attention.”

Check out our bathing suit picks, plus a special swimsuit spread from Lynn University photography students, in the May/June issue of Boca Raton magazine.

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