Thursday, May 23, 2024

Taming of the Mane

By: Ashlee Zeller

My lovely genes have blessed me with a full head of hair. I have amazing curls, but they usually look lost in a frizzy fro.

Honestly, I could try out for the part of Mufasa in the Lion King Musical on Broadway. I can’t sing, but if the producers caught one glance of my locks, I am sure they would cast me.

To tame my sea of curls, I usually use a few handfuls of gel and a storm of hair spray. I do not buy expensive products, even when they seem to maintain my hair, because I tend to go through them rather quickly. This gets pretty pricey.

Still, I need to control the frizzy volume! I’ve longed for that magical moment where I can swing my head around (like the models and actresses do on the commercials) and watch my silky, perfect curls bounce effortlessly.

That moment came with the recent discovery of Ouidad’s curling serums and sprays. Ouidad’s Botanical Boost Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Sprayleft my curls softer and more manageable. The lightweight leave-in conditioner contains aloe and anti-oxidants. It helps fight the frizz while preventing breakage, and contains no oils or waxes (which leave my hair feeling heavy).

Curly-haired women tame your mane! Try Ouidad’s products today at our local Salon Oasis.

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