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Tanzy Introduces New Dessert Cart

Rolling through the aisles of Tanzy is its newest treat: a dessert cart.

A black, two-tiered cart with gold hardware, its arrival at our table induced mouth-dropping at the site of fresh strawberries, cakes, a tower of cookies, a bottle of wine on ice, and the queen of the cart, a Red Infiniti Cake.

Red Infiniti Cake at Tanzy

Covered in a bright red gloss, topped with flakes of gold foil, and served alongside fresh, juicy raspberries, it almost didn’t look real (but one bite into the moist cake confirmed it is, in fact real). The dessert was so gorgeous, it pained me to watch the server cut into it, but I quickly got over it as a slice was handed my way.

This cake went head-to-head with the Concord Chocolate Cake, an explosion of chocolate, with chocolate mousse, meringue, cake, ganache and sauce. However, it wasn’t the overly sweet flavor you would imagine and probably expect in cheaper renditions of the chocolate cake, but rather a smooth, even-keeled taste with every bite.

A stand out for me on the cart was the Floatanette, a lime meringue and blackberry sorbet nestled on top of shaved Italian lemon ice. Practically made for the summer, which is basically all year round here, it was a cooling dessert with a touch of tang.

Floatanette at Tanzy

Other dessert included a tower of cookies, such as Italian rainbow cookies, coconut macaroons, flourless brownies, tea cakes, and other small bites. If you typically order a coffee after your meal try the coffee and doughnuts—the pastries are dusted with vanilla and served with a bowl of mocha mousse and frozen coffee pebbles (think coffee Dippin’ Dots).

The dessert cart is another idea coming out of Tanzy thanks to Chef Sherry Yard, as well as Pastry Chef James Roselle. Neither are strangers to going all out for sweets—they’ve both been on Food Network shows and challenges.

So the next time you dine at Tanzy, or headed to a movie at iPic, be sure to have them roll up the cart and devour your weight in sugar.

Tanzy, 301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton; 561/922-6699;

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Christiana Lilly
Christiana Lilly
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