Sunday, April 14, 2024

Tastemakers is Delicious

For those of you lucky enough to have your own passport to tonight’s Tastemakers of Delray Beach I am here to report that you will have a delicious experience. I went last night (go early!) and only made my way through about seven restaurants, but was reminded yet again what a great little downtown Delray is, and how much it has to offer in the way of really great dining. In fact, I wandered into one or two places I will certainly revisit this time for a full dinner.

For example, people have been raving to me about Olio for years. It’s a little off the beaten path”but sophisticated, charming, cozy” I can’t wait to slip into that corner bar with some friends. Another great discovery: Casa di Pepe in Pineapple Grove. This new restaurant was too late to get into this year’s event, but Pepe himself stood on the sidewalk outside his place, offering bruschetta to passersby just to say hello. That kind of enterprising attitude as well as first-rate bruschetta was enough to entice me to dine there. And soon.

Other things I loved: the cold soup at Max’s Harvest, the meatball at Solita Delray, the pan-seared shrimp on paella risotto at Brule. The pate at Tryst. And those are just a few.

So get your walking shoes on, make a game plan and go have yourself a taste of downtown Delray. Friday nights don’t get much better than this!

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