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Tech Toys That Are Guaranteed to Get You Outside

Usually when we think about technology we use for fun, we usually turn to watching TV and films, listening to music or playing games—things we do indoors. Tech doesn’t encourage us to get outside and recreate, right?

Wrong. Check out these amazing toys that can get you out and about.


Onewheel ($1,499) is a powered variation of skateboard, but instead of four hard wheels, it rolls on a single wide tire. Riding one has been described as like snowboarding on fresh powder. It boasts a top speed of 19 mph on any terrain, even uphill, and a single charge range of 5 to 7 miles. Starting from a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, the design has been refined. In April the company launched the Onewheel+XR ($1,799), giving riders a range of 12 to 18 miles. You can buy Onewheel here.

The Spark from DJI

The recent popularity of drones has expanded as the technology has gotten more affordable, but you get what you pay for. DJI makes the kind of camera drones that get used on professional movie shoots, but until now were out of most people’s price range. Like most of DJI’s drones, the Spark will automatically fly back to the launch site with a single command. It can fly at more than 30 mph, will transmit HD video to the pilot to a range of 1.2 miles, and fly for 16 minutes on a single charge. This all from DJI’s most affordable drone to date, starting at $399. You can buy Spark here.


Back in 1993 on the sci-fi drama series “SeaQuest DSV,” boy genius Lucas Wolenczak built a one-man, high-speed submarine that swam like a shark—incidentally, the year depicted on the show was 2018! Though the propulsion system is not quite that advanced, Innerspace’s Seabreacher watercraft looks very similar in design to the sub from that show and they look even more fun to drive. If you want to see how these things perform in the water, the videos you can find on YouTube will not disappoint. Top speed is well… fast enough to literally breach—or leap—completely out of the water. The company’s most popular model, the Seabreacher X, is custom built including paint job to the buyer’s specifications, and runs upwards of $80,000. You can buy Seabreacher X here.

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