How to Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Feast Via Zoom This Year

Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner with Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, and Corn

You want to Zoom with your family and friends for Thanksgiving this year (and probably for December holidays, too), but want to try and keep some of your normal Turkey Day atmosphere, right?

We asked Karen Stanley, Co-Owner of MK Takeaways, who has helped many customers coordinate Zoom get-togethers, for her Top Five tips for success. MK Takeaways, as I wrote about here, is a large “ghost kitchen” delivering pre-packaged meals to Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. 

From Karen:

Tip #1: Stay Home & Zoom For the Holidays:

For our family, the holidays are synonymous with large get-togethers, jam-packed with both immediate and extended family, all ages, enormous amounts of food, and, inevitably, someone running around in a panic on Thursday afternoon—post Macy’s Parade—seeking the one hard-to-find spice that was forgotten during all of the holiday shopping.

This year we are doing it smarter, safer, and online instead of in-person. The importance of valuing your loved ones’ health over tradition is felt both personally and in our surroundings. Zoom has once again saved us all! From our table in Davie, to my in-laws in Weston, other in-laws in Miami & Parkland, to my parents in Tampa, my grandmother in Tampa, and my brother in California, Zoom is making it possible for all of us to connect, free of charge, and celebrate however we want to celebrate.

Specifically, Zoom has suspended the usual 40-minute limit for all meetings globally from Midnight EST on November 26th through 6 a.m. EST on Friday, November 27th making it possible for families to celebrate for longer. However, if things go rogue…you can always blame “technical difficulties” and get the heck out of there! 

Tip #2: Get Creative:

Bust out the popsicle sticks, the feathers, the paint, the glitter glue, the confetti, the flare, and every pilgrim sticker you can find — it is time to decorate! Many of us with school-age kids who have not returned to school have noticed the void that I have. The excessive holiday décor that we hang up each year and eventually return to kids in their 20s is non-existent. Also, depending on your school district, your kids might be like ours and be completely off of school the week of Thanksgiving, meaning they will have nothing but free time to play video games, bicker, or…decorate. Hear me out–these misdirected artists can use their energy to go craft crazy.

Tip #3: It’s All About the Food!

In previous years, cooking would have been an Olympic Team Event. This year, it can still be about the food, but in a different manner. 

Reduce at least one stressor in your life this year by calling a caterer–such as MK Takeaways–to have your complete Thanksgiving meal delivered to your door. If the rest of your family or friends are in SoFla, they can enjoy the same meal at their homes, too. 

If you are outside of SoFla, look for local restaurants and caterers in your community. The hospitality industry is really hurting amidst Covid restrictions and closures, but independent businesses are stepping up, evolving, and offering unique approaches to celebrating the holidays with loved ones.  

Tip #4: Gotta Have the Booze, With a Thanksgiving Twist.

In our family, holiday get-togethers start with Happy Hour and hors d’oeuvres, checking in with one another, catching up, and lots of laughs and love. Why should this year be any different? However, since we’re going to be Zooming during Happy Hour and munching on our appetizers–like the Li’l Kosher Dogs or our Homemade Hummus–this year we are sharing a couple of fun drink recipes.

Tip #5: Remember Some After-Meal Entertainment.

Before you doze off into a food coma, plan ahead for the kids and have some fun games for them to play. Whether it is a Thanksgiving-themed scavenger hunt, homemade Thanksgiving Bingo, charades or trivia, there are so many different things that you and your family can do that will extend your Thanksgiving experience and start new traditions.

Finally, Karen reminds us: “The most important thing about Thanksgiving this year, is that we get together virtually and count our blessings and bathe in gratitude. We keep telling our kids that, while this year Thanksgiving is going to be a little bit different, the message is still the same: Remember what and who you are grateful for and show gratitude and love to all.” | 954/669-1366

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